Manda the manatee (that_was_cheesy) wrote in accioic0ns,
Manda the manatee

LOTS recast picspam

 Another picspam for legendland. Go Team Seeker!
Spoilers that there are characters that exist in the books... it's only pictures, no words, so idk.
Orlando Bloom is Richard Cypher

 Mandy Moore is Cara Mason

 Melissa George is Cara Mason

 Keira Knightley is Nadine Brighton

 Christian Bale is Drefan Rahl

Ugh none of these seem to fit (except for maybe Richard and Drefan) and Melissa George is more Denna-like, but I hate Hollywood-ized recasts of awesome things. So yeah. NOTHING fits because imo Craig, Bridget, and Tab are epic.
Tags: legend of the seeker, legendland, picspam
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