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Legend of the Seeker Picspam


A Legend of the Seeker/Sword of Truth picspam for legendland 
(note: there are about 12345654321 reasons, but most of them are just UNF. xD)

SPOILER ALERT! Book spoilers from up to Faith of the Fallen
Also - image heavy, obviously. :P

1. He has a really nice body.

Okay, so this is really superficial, but he does. I could let the pictures speak for themselves, but also, in Faith of the Fallen, when Richard is carving the statues, he gets some intense muscles. YUM.

2. He is such a loving person.

The reason why I’m so upset that Kahlan miscarried is because Richard would have been the best father ever. He’s so caring and sweet! I wish I could hug him. This goes for Craig Horner, too. In the show, they characterize Richard as more inexperienced and immature, but in the books, he just exudes amazingness.


3. He’s a do-gooder.

K, so I clearly have a thing for good guys who have saving-people-things. Another person who has to save everyone? Harry freakin’ Potter.  Guh. I just love how he always comes to the rescue. Other people hate it, but I love it.


4. He has the cutest facial expressions.


5. He gets the girl.

Richard and Kahlan’s love is so intense and so beautiful. It’s the kind of relationship I hope I can have with my future husband. Technically, Richard and Kahlan don’t NEED each other. They can fight for themselves. But when they’re apart, their hearts break. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re dependent on each other’s presence. Kahlan was willing to send Richard away to the Palace of the Prophets to save his life even though he thought she was betraying him. And she still went on living to fight the Imperial Order! Plus their hugs are epic.

This quote applies to everything I've already said: 
"Nicci’s gaze rose up the legs, the robes, the arms, the bodies of the two peoples, up to their faces. She felt as if a giant fist squeezed her heart to a stop.
This was what was in Richard’s eyes brought into existence in glowing white marble. To see it fully realized was like being struck by lightning.
In that instant, her entire life, everything that had ever happened to her, everything she had ever seen, heard, or done, seemed to come together in one flash of emotional violence. Nicci cried out in pain at the beauty of it, and more so at the beauty of what it represented."

 (There BETTER be a season 3 because if I don't get my weekly swoon, I might just die. xD)

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